Living Lucid is meant to promote awareness to alternative thinking and living, spread knowledge on a variety of diverse yet connected topics and to encourage more positivity and love throughout life. The hope is that what is shared with you will improve your life even in the most minuscule way and for you to share it with others.  The key component is to inspire people to work on self improvement on all areas whether it be health, relationships, or simply your thought patterns in general. The knowledge presented may conflict and contradict with your personal beliefs, the only wish is that you take everything with an open mind and be sure to research further into any topic before 10565118_10154420712645383_7017691109689907828_nmaking a decision to change your way of thinking. I must state that any information related to health presented on this website is to be taken and used at your own discretion as I am not a licensed health practitioner. Furthermore I am not at legal liberty to give any advice related to health, I am only sharing data and figures I come across in my research. Also I must stress that this website does not in any way have every answer, I am constantly researching and learning just as you are. As the great philosopher Socrates once said, “the only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing.” . New information that you have never heard before may come shocking to you or seem controversial but truth is never easy to take. As the coined term by the creator of this site goes, “evolution of mind, is revolution inside”. Any major shift or change in thinking is hard to grasp at first but I suggest going with the ebb and flow of your own personal guidance system.

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